Brian Fallon: “Some Things I Need To Say”

Brian FallonBrian Fallon, front man with Jersey favourites The Gaslight Anthem, has hit out at being criticised by audience members at the band’s live shows.

Writing on The Gaslight Anthem blog, Fallon says: “I feel it necessary to address that we are The Gaslight Anthem. We play Gaslight Anthem songs. We’re not the band you think we may be akin to. My name isn’t Bruce, It’s not Eddie, or Joe, or Paul either.”

The blog post appears to have come after members of the audience at live shows have expressed discontent at how the shows have played out.

Brian continues: ” I’m asking openly and humbly that if anyone would like to come to a Gaslight Anthem show, please come because you want to see what we’re doing on that night. Don’t come to see Bruce, he won’t be there. Don’t come to hear a cover, it probably won’t happen. Don’t come to yell at me when I’m trying to share something with the audience to reach out to them about something I feel is moving me.”

“For some reason I’m the one with microphone, which may be a mistake entirely,” he concludes after making clear that the band appreciate their fans and remember them on a daily basis. “But if you want one and have something to say, please start a band… and maybe one day I’ll find your band and I’ll come see you play. But I swear I will not yell at you or call out for you to play one of your influences songs, because I’ll be there to see you.”

Click here to read the full blog entry.

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