Mick Farren (1943-2013)

Mick FarrenMick Farren, singer and author, has died aged 69.

It has been widely reported that he collapsed on stage at London’s Borderline on July 27th. He was playing with his band, The Deviants, at the time.

Hailing from Cheltenham, Farren wrote for the NME and was briefly editor for the International Times. He has published a memoir and numerous novels, as well as four books about Elvis Presley. A counterculture icon, he was probably best known for singing with The Deviants, but his exploits go much further and are many and varied.

Most recently, he co-authored the Omnibus book Classic Rock Posters: 60 Years Of posters, Flyers And Handbills: 1952–2012, and Headpress recently published an anthology of his writing, Elvis Died For Somebody’s Sins But Not Mine.

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