Brian May undergoing tests for cancer

Brian MayQueen guitarist Brian May has revealed that he is undergoing tests to find out whether he has cancer.

Writing on his own website, May disclosed that he has been in agonising pain and unable to stand up. MRI scans have shown ‘abnormalities’ in his bones.

He wrote: “So around Christmas I’ve been having a succession of blood tests, ultrasounds, and various kinds of scans, to see if they could rule out various kinds of cancer. Now, on hearing the ‘C’ word something happens inside you … of course. I’ve seen so many of my dear friends fighting it … and my Dad lost his battle at age 66, exactly the age I am now.

“So over the last few days I’ve been in various states of unrest. But the great thing has been that the team my GP assembled to check out the possibilities has moved Heaven and Earth to gather all the information I need quickly over the Christmas period … not an easy time.”

Thanking his fans for their support via a message on 30th December, May indicated that he will continue with preparations for his forthcoming tour whilst he awaits test results.

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