Kinks reunion still a possibility confirms Ray Davies

The Kinks
Photo: Rex Features

A reunion of The Kinks is still very much a possibility according to Ray Davies.

Speaking in yesterday’s The Sunday Times (8th of June), Davies revealed: “I met Dave only last week to talk about getting back together again.”

“We’ve also spoken a few times on the phone and emailed. He’s been composing his own songs, but I’d really like to write with him again.”

“We both agree we don’t want to do old stuff or tour with past hits,” continued Davies. “It’s got to be something new.”

Speaking in the February edition of Uncut magazine, Ray Davies had previously discussed the possibility of Kinks shows in 2014 to mark the 50th anniversary of the group. “It’s as close as it’s ever been to happening,” he said then.

“I said to Ray I thought that it’d be a great shame if we don’t try and do something,” said guitarist Dave Davies. “I don’t think our love has diminished. I think the stage-play has played itself out a bit, the pretence and the acting. I think it’s time reality took over, and started directing the last years of… whatever it is. It’s like Cain and Abel.”

Though Davies added: “I don’t want to see the legacy of The Kinks soured by two miserable old men doing it for the money.”

Watch this space!

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