Iggy Pop “tortured” into liking Justin Bieber in new Amnesty campaign

Amnesty International Campaign 2014

A new anti-torture poster campaign from Amnesty International features a bloodied and bruised Iggy Pop being forced into declaring Justin Bieber is the future of rock n’ roll.

The new campaign was launched by the Belgian branch of Amnesty, and features various well known faces made up to show them beaten and bruised. The images are accompanied by unlikely statements, implying that they have been forced out of the person in question under duress.

“Torture a man and he will tell you anything” is the campaign’s message. The poster of Iggy Pop features the statement: “The future of rock n’ roll, it’s Justin Bieber.”

Other well known faces included in the campaign are the Dalai Lama, accompanied the slogan, “A man who does not have a Rolex watch at 50 years old has failed in his life.” Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld is depicted proclaiming his love for Hawaiian shirts and sandals.

As Amnesty International Belgium director Philippe Hensmans explains, “For us it was a quirky but not sloppy way to attract public attention to this tragic reality, which often happens in the greatest secrecy.”

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