Bruce Springsteen to make acting debut in ‘Lilyhammer’

On Location For "Lilyhammer"
Photo (C) Bobby Bank/Getty Images

American rock legend Bruce Springsteen is to make his acting debut in bandmate Steven Van Zandt’s TV show, Lilyhammer.

Although he has made many high profile contributions to film soundtracks – including “Streets Of Philadelphia” and “Dead Man Walking” – Springsteen rarely appears in front of a camera, and even then usually only in his own music videos.

That will all change now though, as Springsteen has been cast as the owner of a mortuary in the Netflix original TV series, Lilyhammer, which stars Springsteen’s friend and longterm musical collaborater, Steve Van Zandt.

Many had anticipated that Springsteen would make his small screen debut in The Sopranos, the Jersey set hit show that also featured Steve Van Zandt as mobster Silvio Dante, but it wasn’t to be. Springsteen won’t have to travel to the titular Norwegian town to film his parts however, as Deadline reports that all his scenes will be recorded in New York.

Some may argue that The Boss actually made his acting debut in the John Cusack starring comedy High Fidelity, but as he was credited as “Himself” it’s not officially counted as an ‘acting’ credit. So there.

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