UK doom rockers Clan sign with Bilocation Records

Clan Band Shot

UK based blues/doom trio Clan have signed with Bilocation Records for the physical release of their debut album, Witchcraft.

The album was recorded by the band – featuring guitarist and vocalist Matt Pearce, bassist Matt Rabong and drummer Ben Giller – using their own studio, equipment and production knowledge.

Said Bilocation in a statement announcing the news: “Their mixture of vintage hard rock and blues rock sounds and modern heavy rock elements has totally inspired us at the Bilocation/Kozmik headquarter! The release will be prepared now for a top notch vinyl sound and expanded gatefold artwork. The release is targeted for early 2015.”

The band played a killer support slot in the summer as part of LA metal legends My Ruin’s last ever UK show in Norwich. Trust us, you’ll be wanting to add Witchcraft to your collection as soon as possible. Watch this space for further news.

is available in digital format now via Clan’s bandcamp page.

The full tracklist for the album is as follows:

Clan Witchcraft Cover01. “No Fairytale”
02. “War Paint”
03. “First Step”
04. “Leave It Be”
05. “Vultures”
06. “Little Headaches”
07. “Great Golden Sun”
08. “Life To Death”
09. “The Aging Wizard”
10. “The Death Of Witchcraft”

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