Album review: Sister Sin | Black Lotus

Sister Sin - Black Lotus Album CoverArtist: Sister Sin
Album: Black Lotus
Our Verdict: 8/10
Release date: Out now
Find it at: Victory Records
Review by: Graeme Blackwell

“Anethmic, rebellious and monumentally well executed… you’ll be chanting along for some considerable time to come.”

Sometimes you want a hard rock record that defies the laws of physics; a record that features balls-to-the-wall riffing traveling faster than the speed of light; a record with songs so full of metal intent that they could break free from a black hole; a record ripping your ears from your head with such a full throated roar, you’re left wondering how it is that a person can exist made of just heart and lungs.

If that’s the record you’re searching for, look no further than Sister Sin’s new album, Black Lotus.

The Swedes fifth studio LP sees the band refining their sound, moving away from the glam-tinged rock that featured on their previous efforts, and cementing themselves firmly in the world of the kind of hard rock and metal that owes a debt to the likes of Skid Row.

Gravity defying slabs of melody, scuzzy rock riffs and a healthy dose of gang chant vocals are the order of the day across these 9 tracks and 37 minutes. “Food For Worms” sets out Sister Sin’s stall, with a tension-building intro breaking in to a thundering riff and rhythm section over which Liv Jagrell delivers a scorching vocal snarl. First single “Chaos Royale” follows, all snotty rebellion and heavy laden with an unseemly amount of hooks.

Later in the album “The Jinx” offers a welcome change of pace in it’s dazzling balladry. The song offers Jagrell the chance to flex her more nuanced vocal muscles and shows off a different side to the work of guitarist Jimmy Hiltula. But the chance to catch your breath doesn’t last long. Before you know it that guttural Gothenberg growl comes to the fore again and sprints for the line through “Ruled By None” and “Sail North.”

Five albums in, then, Sister Sin’s ability to deliver the heavy metal goods shows no sign of abating. Anthemic, rebellious and monumentally well executed, Black Lotus is likely to have you chanting along to its super-sized choruses, air-guitar arms flailing for all they’re worth, for some considerable time to come.

Find out more about Sister Sin at their official website
You can watch Sister Sin’s video for single “Chaos Royale” below:

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