Taylor Hawkins: U2 album “sounds like a fart”

Taylor Hawkins

Birds of Satan bandleader and Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins has said what many of us were thinking anyway.

As reported by Consequence Of Sound, the sticksman has suggested that U2’s new album, Songs Of Innocence, “…sounds like a fart any way you listen to it.”

Earlier this year, U2 gave away their new album for free, with it being automatically downloaded in to iTunes user’s libraries whether they wanted it or not. The resulting uproar saw Apple having to rush-release a ‘removal tool’ for disgruntled music fans to get rid of the unwanted LP.

Says Hawkins: “What happened to U2, man? I don’t think people are that hyped on them. The album is so marred by that whole sort of Orwellian 1984 extreme that it just kind of sounds like a fart any way you listen to it.”

“I think they probably thought it was gonna be a great idea, ‘Here’s the deal – everybody who has an iPhone, gets your record. And they get it for free’”

“And they thought, ‘Well that’s pretty awesome,’ but they didn’t really take into consideration the Big Brother feeling that kind of goes along with it. You couldn’t get rid of it and they actually had to come up with an app to get rid of it. That’s horrible.”

Foo Fighters released their own new offering, Sonic Highways, this week. A documentary series of the same name is currently being broadcast on BBC Four in the UK and on HBO in the US. The programme follows the band as they travel around the USA, recording a new song in different cities across the country.

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