AC/DCs Brian Johnson: Gene Simmons is “terribly wrong”

Brian Johnson Video Crop

AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson has said that he believes Gene Simmons’ claim that rock is dead to be “terribly wrong.”

Speaking to Ultimate Classic Rock, Johnson said: “I don’t think anybody should have the nerve to stand here and say a certain genre of music has disappeared ‘because I say so.’

“I’m here to tell you, Gene – you’re wrong. I’m saying it’s alive and kicking. My name’s Brian. How do you do?”

Kiss mainman Simmons claimed back in September that the music industry and illegal downloads had “murdered” rock music as a genre. Numerous rock and metal musicians have now spoken out against the claim.

Johnson goes on to say that he believes it is easier for young bands these days to decide if they have what it takes to make a career in the music world:

“Kids have got a better chance to get their stuff out now with social media,” he says. “They can buy stuff to record with – we couldn’t buy a four-track recorder. We’d save up to go into a little studio in Newcastle and we’d have to physically take it to London. Now they can literally do it in their garage and put it out.

“But if you’re playing stuff and people are digging it, you’ve started your band. All you’ve got to do now is keep at it – and dodge the people who go ‘Get yourself a proper job.’ Take the path less travelled and take it on the chin.”

AC/DC will release their new album, Rock Or Bust, on the 1st of December. You can watch Johnson’s conversation with Ultimate Classic Rock below.

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