LA Guns to release “Boston 1989” live album

LA Guns Boston 1989 Cover-001

LA Guns will release a live album recorded in Boston in 1989 the band have revealed.

The show was recorded during the band’s popular prime and, according to eOne Records: “the sound quality is excellent and the boys are absolutely at the top of their game, ripping through supercharged versions of One More Reason, Electric Gypsy, Never Enough and more.”

The album will feature liner notes written by LA Guns frontman Phil Lewis and will be released on the 8th of December in both CD and digital formats.

The full tracklist for Boston 1989 is as follows:

LA Guns Boston 1989 Cover01. “Kiss My Love Goodbye”
02. “Wild Obsession”
03. “Dirty Love”
04. “Slap In The Face”
05. “Electric Gypsy”
06. “Rip And Tear”
07. “Never Enough”
08. “Malaria”
09. “Sex Action”
10. “Bitch Is Back”
11. “17 Crash”
12. “I Wanna Be Your Man”
13. “One More Reason”
14. “Rock Candy”
15. “Some Lie For Love”

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