Soundgarden reach out to fans for band memorabilia

Soundgarden 2014

Soundgarden have reached out to fans to request any memorabilia that they might have to be used in an upcoming documentary about the band.

Produced by Banger Films, the documentary will tell the Soundgarden story from their early days, through their reunion and right up to the present.

A post on Soundgarden’s Facebook page reads: “It’s happening – the Soundgarden story will soon be the subject of a feature documentary film. And you can help. As we dig deep into our vaults, we ask that you, the fans, dig into yours.

“Personal photographs, bootleg video and audio, collected concert posters – your rare piece of music history could be the missing piece we need.”

The documentary is being directed by Canadian filmmaker Reg Harkema who says that filming began during Soundgarden’s recent co-headline tour with Nine Inch Nails. He hopes that fans will be able to provide some rare or unique content that he will be able to use in the documentary.

If you think that you have something that may be of interest to the production team, you’re requested to e-mail with the subject ‘Soundgarden Fan Submission.’

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