Are Iron Maiden recording their new album?

Iron Maiden Card Front

Are British heavy metal legends Iron Maiden back in the studio?!

According to Bravewords they might just be!

As the website notes: “British metal icons Iron Maiden recently sent out their annual Christmas card alluding to the fact that they are in the studio saying: “Eddie’s got a little Christmas gift for everyone who’s been REALLY BAD! Must not be opened until 2015…”

Rumours abound that various members of ‘Maiden have been spotted in and around Paris recently, together with Kevin Shirley, the man who has produced all of the band’s albums since 2000.

And what of that mysterious message, “UROTON 51”? It doesn’t take a genius to decode it as “ON TOUR 15” now does it!

Watch this space…!

Iron Maiden Card Interior

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