Bach says charting higher than Ozzy is career ‘milestone’

Sebastian Bach

Sebastian Bach has said that his latest album charting higher than Ozzy Osbourne’s new hits collection in its first week of sale is a “milestone” in his career.

Bach’s Give ‘Em Hell was released back in April, debuting at No.72 on the Billboard chart. By contrast Ozzy Osbourne’s hits collection, Memoirs Of A Madman, landed at No.90.

Speaking to the Illinois Entertainer, Bach said: “My ultimate dream in rock ‘n’ roll when I was fired from Skid Row in 1996 was to possibly some day be like Ozzy Osbourne, in that he came up with Sabbath and then had a successful solo career.

Give ‘Em Hell sold more copies the first week out than the new Ozzy Osbourne record. That’s really a milestone for me because that’s what I was trying to do. I think after three, four or five solo releases, I’m establishing myself in that way. This is the most successful solo record I’ve ever had.”

Following the release of Give ‘Em Hell in the Spring Bach had said that he was bewildered by his Facebook followers, asking why of his 800,000 fans only 5000 had bought the new album.

You can watch Bach’s official video for solo track “Temptation” below:

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