Anthrax produce limited edition ‘Indians’ bourbon


Anthrax have produced a limited edition bourbon whiskey named after one of their classic singles.

The US thrash legends have named the whiskey “Indians” after their 1987 song of the same name. It will only be available from the USA and is set to retail at $75 per bottle.

Says Anthrax bassist Frank Bello: “We’ve been wanting to come up with a special item like this, something that was unusual, one-of-a-kind, not a t-shirt or hoodie or poster. And Indians was perfect.”

The Jefferson Reserve Indians is available via the Atlantic City Bottle Company and each bottle comes with a signed stave of the barrel in which the whiskey was aged.

Indians is said to “taste like no other due to its particular blend and the barrel it was aged in.”

Meanwhile, Anthrax have received their sixth Grammy nomination this week. Their cover of Black Sabbath’s “Neon Knights”, recorded for the Dio tribute album Ronnie James Dio: This Is Your Life, has been nominated for Best Metal Performance.

Says drummer Charlie Benante: “It’s been an honour every time we’ve been nominated, but this one is particularly special. To have been asked to contribute Neon Knights to Ronnie’s tribute album was an honour on its own. To have it nominated for a Grammy is just beyond the best.”

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