Panic Room welcome Dave Foster to the fold

Dave F - Panic Room
Photo (C) Jonathan Edwards

Panic Room have confirmed that Dave Foster, guitarist with Steve Rothery Band, will join them for touring and recording commitments this year.

The prog-rockers parted ways with guitarist Paul Davies in 2013, with Adam O’ Sullivan replacing him on a temporary basis.

Foster – who also plays as part of Mr So & So – is now onboard for Panic Room’s live shows in April and May and will record their 5th studio album with the band during the year.

Posting a statement via their Facebook page Panic Room said: “Panic Room are preparing to unveil a powerful live show which will celebrate the finest and most-loved music from across all four of the band’s award-winning albums.

“Each event will feature a full electric set plus an exclusive acoustic set, and we are very excited to welcome Dave aboard for these shows.

“He will also be part of the recording line-up for Panic Room’s fifth studio album, which we plan to begin later this year. He’s a great all-round musician, who is equally gifted on the electric and acoustic guitar, and fans lucky enough to have heard Dave play with the SRB or Mr So & So will already know some of what he’s capable of.

“And in addition to his musical skills, he’s also a really lovely guy.”

A full set of live dates for the April/May tour are being finalised now and will be revealed in due course.

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