Tairrie B. Murphy celebrates birthday with new album news

Tairrie B 18th Jan 2015 - Jodie Cunningham
Photo (C) Jodie Cunningham

Tairrie B. Murphy, wordsmith and vocalist with LA metal band My Ruin, has celebrated her 50th birthday by announcing an extraordinary new album.

But those expecting another slab of molten metal from the former Tura Satana and Manhole frontwoman might be in for a surprise, as the good lady herself said when announcing the news via My Ruin’s official Facebook page:


“While it may come as a shock to those who only know me as a screamer, it’s NOT a rock recording. It is a dark & witchy journey back to my hip hop roots with an old school West Coast influence and it is my birthday present to myself. That’s all I can say for now because I am currently mixing it but I can’t wait to unveil more about it in the coming weeks and share it with all of you soon.”

Those who have followed Tairrie B’s career in music prior to the formation of My Ruin will know that the artist was the first high profile white female rapper, signed to hip-hop legend Eazy E’s Ruthless Records under the Comptown Records imprint.

As Tairrie reveals in her post when sharing the roots of the new project: “Amidst everything, I have been quietly keeping a secret very close to my heart which has allowed me to re-ignite a fire and create some personal magick on the microphone while re-discovering my first passion as an artist and producer. Something I have been longing to do for a very long time now.”

In true Tairrie B. style, the passionate performer signs off by revealing the album title and leaving a message for lovers and haters alike:

“As I ring in my birthday and celebrate my new album ‪#‎VintageCurses‬ today, I invite those of you who have supported me and my music in its many forms over the years to join me in a toast while I close this post with a (slightly altered) Tom Waits quote “Champagne for my TRUE friends and FUCK YOU to my sham friends!


Love, )O(
Tairrie B. Murphy”

Watch this space for updates as we receive them and check out Tairrie B. Murphy’s full birthday post here!

Check out the evolution of Tairrie B’s music below, from early rap video “Murder She Wrote”, through Manhole’s “Put Your Head Out” and on to My Ruin’s “Long Dark Night.”

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