Cytota throw some new SHVPES

Cytota Band Shot

UK metal band Cytota have revealed a change of name.

Announcing the news via their Facebook page this morning, the band explained that with new frontman Griffin Dickinson came a new momentum and energy, and they have therefore decided that they need a new identity to suit.

“Over the last 4 years we have achieved more than we could’ve dreamt of as ‘Cytota’,” the band said. “To everyone who has ever come down to a show, bought our merch, listened to us, hung out with us, put up with us and showed their support, we thank you for sticking by us and helping us become the band we are today.

“Today we will be taking the next step in this band’s evolution. As you well know, over the past few months we acquired our new frontman, Griffin. It became very clear, very quick, that there was a new energy and different dynamic to the band. Going forward we felt we needed a name to fit this new energy and sound. So from this point on, we will be known as, SHVPES (shapes).

“On Friday we will be doing a video to explain a little more behind the decision to re-invent ourselves, but for now we can’t wait to see you on the road next week, don’t miss our first tour as SHVPES, we’ll have new merch for sale and new songs to play for you lovely people.”

Check out SHVPES’ latest single, appropriately titled “Shapes”, below!

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