Album Review: 47 Minutes Late | Excuses

47 Minutes Late - Excuses - coverArtist: 47 Minutes Late
Album: Excuses
Our Verdict: 6/10
Release date: Out now
Find it at: 47 Minutes Late
Review by: DW

“Delightfully melodic yet splendidly rough around the edges, there’s plenty to admire here.”

47 Minutes Late are a young band from Halifax whose debut album delivers a solid romp through some powerful self-penned tunes that do justice to a bright and bold developing talent. Think Ramones with a touch of Green Day, or a contemporary take on the perennial prowess of The Replacements. Delightfully melodic yet splendidly rough around the edges, there’s plenty to admire here.

From the fast-paced power-pop of “Naughty Nice Girl” and “Excuses” to the slower more melodic “Left Behind” and “From Today”, the album shows that music moulded in a garage is alive and well, at least in West Yorkshire.

A hardworking crew, 47 Minutes Late have been gigging extensively on the local music scene and recorded their first tracks in February 2014. They have created an album that is coherent in its ragged charm and might transport the older ear back to the 70’s when three mates with instruments could suddenly find themselves with a following. Excuses would certainly sit comfortably alongside much of the music being played too loud and too often during that era.

As it stands, it’s a thoroughly enjoyable thrash that feels powerfully honest. The album has a naivety about it that is to be cherished for its lack of cynicism. If you’re looking for auto-tuned perfection then start looking elsewhere. If you’re looking for music that bounds along by the seat of its pants, threatening to fall apart at any minute but somehow hanging on for dear life, then look no further.

Solid rock music made by a group of enthusiastic, talented young people, Excuses may be far from perfect. That said, it’s a bloody good start and more than worth a listen.

You can listen to the title track from Excuses below via the Soundcloud stream. Find out more about the band via their Facebook page.

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