Lucero team up with Charly Fasano for short film

Lucero 2015-001

Lucero have teamed up with artist Charly Fasano for a short film and multimedia project.

The Memphis band worked with Fasano on Teddy’s Bowling Alley, a short film featuring Fasano’s work accompanied by music from Lucero. The film was shot entirely on a Google tablet and features “…drawings, linocut block prints, black paint, heavy stock paper, fishing line, duct tape and a cardboard box.”

The film has been released to complement a larger multimedia project, Retrospect/ed.

Produced by Lucero drummer Roy Berry and engineer Chris Scott, Retrospect/ed features Fasano reading the poems “Gasoline Fumes” and “Teddy’s Bowling Alley” accompanied by the music of Lucero. In addition Fasano (a.k.a. “the city mouse”) has created a multimedia experience by constructing twenty-two block print illustrations and two short films that complement the poems.

You can watch Teddy’s Bowling Alley below:

Retrospect/ed includes a hand stamped and numbered 7″ vinyl record (only 500 pressed), a fifty page illustrated book and an original hand-pulled block print that appears in the book. It is available to order now via Fast Geek Press.

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