Tool and Mastodon men join forces in new supergroup

Legend Of The Seagullmen cap

Tool drummer Danny Carey and Mastodon vocalist and guitarist Brent Hinds have come together in a “wacky nautical-themed supergroup” under the moniker Legend Of The Seagullmen.

The band also features OFF!’s Dimitri Coats and movie director Jimmy Hayward producing.

According to a recent feature in Rolling Stone, the Seagullmen concept is the brainchild of Frank, Chris and David Dreyer “who have put on appropriately theatrical concerts and made movies about the band’s long-running legend in recent years.”

The band’s imaginative history concerns a 400,000 year old story of pirates, sailors, a rock band and numerous mystical sea creatures.

The Seagullmen have so far released two suitably sea-worthy songs, “The Deep-Sea Diver” and “Ships Wreck”. You can listen to both via the streams below:

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