Child Bite to record new LP with Philip H. Anselmo

Child Bite

Child Bite have announced that they will be recording their new album with Pantera and Down mainman Philip H. Anselmo at his Nosferatu’s Lair recording studio.

The as yet untitled album will be the follow up to the ‘Bite’s 2014 EP Strange Waste.

Say the band in a statement sharing the news: “Us ‘Bite boys have been holed up all winter, writing tons of stuff for the next record. We’ve been talking to Phil about recording with him for quite a while; we really just did Strange Waste last year as a way to keep busy while waiting for his busy schedule to clear up.

“We write in waves, with most songs requiring either four or five distinct passes before they are complete. Most of the songs are entering the third and fourth passes, with lyrics just getting started on. We sent Phil a bunch of really rough demos last week to share our progress and his response was; ‘insanely great ideas!’ Juice levels are reaching new heights in the CB camp.”

Child Bite are also set to feature on the new Celtic Frost tribute record, intended as an accompaniment to the 155 page comic Morbid Tales! An Illustrated Tribute To Celtic Frost, set for release via Corpse Flower Records this Spring.

The band contribute their version of Celtic Frost’s “The Usurper” as the lead track, with Phil Anselmo on vocal duties. “If you saw us at our release show or on tour last Fall,” the band notes, “you may have heard us play it with [vocalist] Shawn [Knight] doing his best Anselmo-meets-Tom G impression.”

You can listen to Child Bite’s Strange Waste EP in full here.

Be sure to check out the band’s video for their track “Ancestral Ooze” below:

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