Rolo Tomassi air the details of new album “Grievances”

Rolo Tomassi

Rolo Tomassi have announced details of their new album.

Grievances will be released on the 1st of June via Holy Roar Records in the band’s 10th anniversary year, and will be the follow up to their critically acclaimed 2012 LP Astraea.

“At 10 years in I feel more enthused than ever with where we’re at as a band,” says frontwoman Eva Spence. “With Grievances, we followed on from the sound we developed on Astraea and pushed that even more so to make an album we’re all really proud of and which I consider to be our best material to date.”

James Spence adds: “Creatively we wanted to do something ambitious and took our time in making sure the material was right. We tried new ways of writing including collaborating with other musicians for the first time to make sure we could capture the feel we wanted on this record. The Ranch provided the ideal location to make this happen and having worked with him last year on our single Adrasteia, we jumped at the chance to work with Lewis again who has really brought it all to life with his production.”

The full tracklist for Grievances is as follows:

Rolo Tomassi - Grievances cover01. “Estranged”
02. “Raumdeuter”
03. “The Embers”
04. “Prelude III (Phantoms)”
05. “Opalescent”
06. “Unseen and Unknown”
07. “Stage Knives”
08. “Crystal Cascades”
09. “Chandelier Shiver”
10. “Funereal”
11. “All That Has Gone Before”

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