Iron Maiden confirm new album is complete but on hold

Iron Maiden Band Shot

Iron Maiden have confirmed that there new album is complete, but they have put it on hold while frontman Bruce Dickinson recovers from treatment for cancer.

The band revealed last week that Dickinson had undergone a course of treatment following the discovery of a tumour on his tongue.

Now, speaking in interview with radio station 98.7 The Gater, Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain says: “We have made an album. It was ready to go this year – and still is. We were planning on going out and doing some work around the album.

“We’re all just holding on. Once Bruce is up and running, hopefully in the next couple of months… you never know when this might happen.”

Rumour was rife that a new Maiden album was in the works following the release of the Iron Maiden fan club Christmas card last year.

The card featured band mascot Eddie leaving a cabin with a sign over the door reading “Studio”, and a sign-post in the snow outside reading “UROTON 51″. Fans quickly unscrambled the simple anagram, “On Tour ’15.”

McBrain says of Dickinson’s recovery: “All the treatment went exceedingly well. He was in amazing spirits, considering the brutality of the radiology – he had three chemo sessions. So it’s been pretty hard.”

“He was in the office on Wednesday last week, and apparently he went out. He goes down the pub – although he can’t taste his beer. He said, ‘At least I know it’s a Trooper; I’ve got the bottle in my hand.’ I said, ‘Does it still work?’ ‘Oh yeah!’”

Iron Maiden’s last studio album was 2010’s The Final Frontier.

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