PREMIERE! Watch Faith Evans Ruch’s beguiling new video “Rock Me Slow”

Faith Evans Ruch - Rock Me Slow screen cap

“Emotionally honest and musically authentic, Faith Evans Ruch’s pursual of her art and ability to be true to herself continue to realise rich dividends,” we wrote last November of After It’s Said & Done, the new EP from Memphis singer and songwriter Faith Evans Ruch.

It’s a statement that is just as true of Evans Ruch’s beguiling new video for the raw and intimate EP track “Rock Me Slow”, premiering in Europe today exclusively via Skin Back Alley.

Directed by Edward Valibus, the video is billed as a sequel of sorts to Ruch’s “PBR Song”, also directed by Valibus and taken from the musician’s stunning previous full length album, 1835 Madison.

“Rock Me Slow” sees Faith bringing the end of a relationship into sharp focus, reflecting on what has gone before and feeling the searing pain of heartbreak. It’s also a visual feast.

Check out the video for “Rock Me Slow” below, and be sure to let us know what you think:

Read our review of Faith Evans Ruch’s new EP, “After It’s Said & Done”, here. You can pick up your own copy via Ruch’s Bandcamp profile here.

Find out more about Faith Evans Ruch at her official website, and keep up to date with the latest news via her official Facebook page.

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