Global music release day agreed from 10th July

Global Release Date
Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

An international agreement has been reached whereby singles and albums will be released across the globe on Fridays starting from the 10th of July.

The International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry has been working to secure the agreement as a result of trade being at its busiest at the start of the weekend.

New music is already released on Fridays in territories such as Australia and Germany, but has traditionally been released on Mondays in the UK and Tuesdays in the USA.

The move has been welcomed by many including artists, retailers, distributors and digital platforms, but not everyone sees the change as a good thing.

Michael Lambot, co-founder of independent music group PIAS, says in a recent blog post: “If a global chart reigns supreme, development artists and local artists will have to get used to hearing the voice of America everywhere. Big money and big global campaigns will dominate.

“This can only help the blockbusters become even bigger, for a longer period of time, in more markets.”

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