New Paradise Lost album is a ‘marmite’ LP says guitarist

Paradise Lost 2015
Photo: Ester Segarra

Greg Mackintosh, guitarist with iconic Yorkshire metal band Paradise Lost, says that their new LP The Plague Within is a “marmite album.”

The new collection of songs is due for release on the 1st of June via Century Media and will be the follow up to the band’s 2012 album Tragic Idol.

Says Mackintosh speaking to Total Guitar: “Sometimes it’s nice to do albums that are expected, in a way. But for a career like ours it’s important to do certain records and songs where you try something else.”

“As it came together the death metal elements became more prevalent – but it’s got a good ebb and flow to it.”

Mackintosh concludes: “We want it to sound like no one else in metal. Whether we’ve achieved that, I have no idea until everyone hears it.”

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