Silverchair to release 20th anniversary edition of Frogstomp

Silverchair crop

Australian alt-rockers Silverchair are to issue a 20th anniversary remastered edition of their debut album Frogstomp.

The LP will be re-released as a deluxe 2CD set on the 15th of June via Sony Music.

Originally released in April 1995, Frogstomp was the first debut album by an Australian act to enter the ARIA album chart in the No.1 spot, staying there for 3 weeks and being certified double platinum.

“These young Aussies are masters of sonic sculpture”, wrote Musician Magazine at the time, “deftly using feedback and distortion to build vast cathedrals of sound of their barre-chord riffs and lean, catchy choruses.”

The full track list for the new edition of Frogstomp is:

Silverchair-frogstomp-20-anniv-edition-DeluxeCD1 – original album remastered
01. “Israel’s Son”
02. “Tomorrow”
03. “Faultline”
04. “Pure Massacre”
05. “Shade”
06. “Leave Me Out”
07. “Suicidal Dream”
08. “Madman”
09. “Undecided”
10. “Cicada”
11. “Findaway”

CD2 – live and bonus content
01. “Tomorrow” (from Tomorrow EP)
02. “Acid Rain” (from Tomorrow EP)
03. “Blind” (from Tomorrow EP)
04. “Stoned” (from Tomorrow EP)
05. “Madman” (vocal version)
06. “Madman” (Live At The Cambridge)
07. “Blind” (Live At The Cambridge)
08. “Tomorrow” (Live At The Cambridge)
09. “Faultline” (Live At The Cambridge)
10. “Pure Massacre” (Live At The Cambridge)

The 20th anniversary edition of the album is available to pre-order now via Amazon.

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