Extreme say new album will definitely be recorded this autumn

Extreme 2015

Extreme’s new album will definitely be recorded this Autumn according to frontman Gary Cherone.

The band had previously said that the album would be out during 2014, but the year passed without a new release.

Guitarist Nuno Bettencourt said last week that the follow up to 2008’s Saudades De Rock was coming along “slowly but surely.”

Speaking with SiriusXM, Cherone now says: “We’re all feeling the pressure of putting out something new.

“We’re writing, we’re doing demos. Now it’s like, ‘Let’s get busy – let’s get some new music out.’”

The band have been touring heavily celebrating the 25th anniversary of breakthrough album Pornograffitti, with Cherone commenting: “That’s all been great. Obviously, this summer, you take advantage of the season with festivals.”

But he adds: “It’s about all of us getting in a room to record – and that’s in the fall. We’ll find time to do it. We’ll be ready. The songs will be there.”

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