Listen! Joy Williams shares new track ‘What a Good Woman Does’

Joy Williams by Chuck Willis

Singer and songwriter Joy Williams has shared a new song titled “What a Good Woman Does.”

Formerly one half of Americana duo The Civil Wars with John Paul White, Williams has revealed that the song is her way of addressing the break up of that band.

“I don’t know when I started believing this, but I used to think if you’re a good woman you can’t be messy, and you can’t be mad. I’ve been learning that neither of those two things is true,” says the musician in interview with Marie Claire.

“This is that moment when you want to call someone up and give them a piece of your mind,” she continues, “but you don’t because you know that no good will come of it. I’ve learned sometimes it is enough to let yourself feel the anger. It doesn’t mean that you have to always act on it. Anger can actually bring a searing clarity, and moving through that anger can eventually bring peace. And if you’re wondering: yes, this song is about the ending of The Civil Wars.”

“What a Good Woman Does” is set to feature on Williams’ new solo album Venus, scheduled for release on the 30th of June via Sensibility Music/Columbia.

You can listen to “What a Good Woman Does” via the stream below:

As part of The Civil Wars Joy Williams released two albums, 2011’s Barton Hollow 2013’s The Civil Wars, and and won numerous awards including four Grammys. She has also released several solo albums and EPs including 2001 debut Joy Williams and, most recently, 2010’s We Mapped The World.

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