Lamb Of God stream thundering new track ‘512’

Lamb Of God 2015

Lamb Of God are streaming new track “512.”

The song is lifted from new LP VII: Sturm Und Drang, scheduled for release on the 24th of July via Nuclear Blast.

The new collection of songs has been heavily influenced by frontman Randy Blythe’s time spent in a Czech prison cell after he was charged with – and later acquitted of – manslaughter following the death of a fan at a gig.

Blythe says that “512” was influenced by his cellmate being given the gift of a scrubbing sponge: ““It was like he’d brought back a stereo system or something. It was so nice to have something to clean things with, because it was fucking filthy in there. This little sponge was so wonderful and we were so grateful to have it.”

Lamb Of God revealed the full track list for Sturm Und Drang earlier this week and will play at this weekend’s Download festival as part of their current European tour dates.

Check out “512” below:

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