Chastity release ennui-destroying new track and video ‘Manning Hill’

Chastity promo shot

Sometimes you come across a song or video that slap you upside the head with their vitality. Sometimes both land together, intertwining and complementing one another in a way that takes your breath away. Spine-tingling? The shivers? A nape-of-the-neck “moment”? Call it what you will.

Chastity’s new track and accompanying video “Manning Hill” are THAT combination. A fuzzed-up, scuzz-laden howl of a song hiding no small amount of melody, the pairing deliver a vigorous blast of energy designed to shake off suffocating suburban ennui.

Says Chastity architect and frontman Brandon Williams of the inspiration for the track: “Whitby Ontario is bleak, suburban sprawl, it’s made skids out of bored kids here. Manning Hill is the biggest hill in our town, one we’ve always skated and tried to conquer.

And of the video he adds: “I met the video director Justin Singer at bible camp a few years ago, found him on the internet in the fall to tell him about this Smashing Pumpkins inspired video I couldn’t get out of my head. Luckily he wasn’t brain washed [at Bible camp] like some of our old pals and was up to put pennies on train tracks, shave someone’s head, tattoo SORRY on our drummer Sam, run around Whitby with all of us.

“The video exceeded my hope. It’s for Whitby, and all the places like it.”

Tattoos, train tracks, buzz cuts and a sagacious blast of rock n’ roll? What’s not to like. Check out “Manning Hill” below.

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