New book of unseen photos of Bruce Springsteen set for publication this autumn

Bruce Springsteen 1975 book cover

A new book of previously unseen photos of Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band is to be published in September by Reel Arts Press.

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band 1975 by Barbara Pyle features a series of photos taken during the recording, rehearsing and touring of Born To Run, and the publication will coincide with an exhibition featuring photographs from the book.

The exhibition will open to the public on the 13th of October at Snap Galleries, London and is set to run until the 28th of November.

“I first saw Bruce and the E Street Band by accident,” says Pyle. “I was blown away by their music. For the next year, I drove to as many of their gigs as I could reach. They jokingly started calling me their ‘official unofficial photographer.’ I was just expected to be there, and I almost always was – on my self-imposed mission to document this little known New Jersey band.

“I had the remarkable good fortune to spend most of the last Born To Run months in the studio with Bruce and the Band. I became sort of a living ‘good luck’ charm and was asked to be there many nights. I knew I was witnessing history in the making.”

The book will retail for £40 and is also available as a vintage deluxe limited edition version, limited to 150 signed and numbered copies. Each edition features a unique vintage test print, printed by Barbara Pyle in 1975. Each photograph and book is also signed by Pyle.

You can find out more via Reel Art Press here.

Bruce Springsteen 1975 book full cover

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