Tairrie B releases electrifying new solo hip hop album Vintage Curses, available to download for free

1. TairrieB 2015

Tairrie B, trailblazing rap artist and Wicked Witch of the West Coast, is back with her first new solo hip hop album in over 20 years.

Vintage Curses is released today and available to download for free as a gift to friends and fans.

“Fans of my band have asked me to do this for years and although I have thought about it a lot, I never felt the timing was right until now,” says Tairrie. “Writing and recording Vintage Curses not only helped to invoke many memories for me as an author but it has also re-birthed me as an artist.”

Vintage Curses was co-produced by Tairrie B and husband Mick Murphy, the master of heaviosity behind My Ruin, Teenage Time Killers, The Birds of Satan & Neanderthal who also played live drums, bass and guitar on the album.

Says Tairrie of the new LP: “I had a very clear vision of what I wanted Vintage Curses to sound like. I did not want to make a modern hip hop album. I wanted it to have heavy beats with an old school vibe and sensibility to it, which is something you really don’t hear much of in music today. I came from the golden era of hip hop and I am a fan of the classics, especially West Coast gangster rap. I was raised on seventies classic rock and soul so I also wanted to incorporate a bit of that into my music in terms of samples. I took my time creating the album and was very thoughtful about every nuance. I wanted to make something timeless that I could look back on in 10 years and feel proud about without any regrets.”

The full track list for “Vintage Curses” is:

Vintage Curses cover01. “Beware The Crone”
02. “Wicked Witch of the West Coast”
04. “Ad Nauseam”
05. “Spirit Queen”
06. “Down As Dirt”
07. “Sky Above, City Below”
08. “Old School Gospel”
09. “Carpe Noctem”
10. “Devil May Care”

Watch the stunning self-directed video for lead single “Beware The Crone” below and download Vintage Curses for free now!

Be sure and check out our in-depth interview with Tairrie herself here!

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