The Earls Of Mars release new 5-track E.P.

The Earls of Mars by Jan Stephens
Artwork by Jan Stephens

The UK’s finest proponents of progressive-electronic-jazz-metal, The Earls Of Mars, have released a brand new EP titled…. E.P.

Writing via their Facebook page, the band revealed the release thus:

“Ladies and Gentlemen. Treat you ears. You’ve used and abused them for long enough, and now they need some love.

“With that in mind, we present to you the latest offering from The Earls of Mars, entitled E.P.

“What that may stand for is open to conjecture. All we can say is that it’s available NOW to download for FREE.

“Go ahead. You deserve it. You wondrous beauties.”

You can check out E.P. via the stream below and head on over to download or buy a physical copy of the 5 songs for yourself at the The Earls Of Mars’ Bandcamp page.

The Earls Of Mars released their full-length self-titled debut via Candlelight Records in 2013 and you can read our review here.

The band are due to play a show this Saturday, the 5th of September, at the Unicorn in Camden.

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