Amaranthe to release digital-only B-sides compilation

Amaranthe - May 2015

Swedish metal band Amaranthe are to release a b-sides compilation.

Breaking Point – B-sides 2011-2015 will be released on the 30th of October via Spinefarm and is set to feature 8 tracks.

“As some of you know, Amaranthe has recorded quite a few b-sides and bonus tracks throughout the years,” guitarist Olof said. “We’ve always tried to keep the quality high, as something extra for our fans, but until now a lot of these tracks have been hard-to-find rarities, and quite spread out. We are now very excited to release a collection of some of the best b-sides and bonuses: Breaking Point: B-Sides 2011-2015. It focuses on some of the best acoustic renditions of fan favorites as well as a couple of originals from the early days! Enjoy this rare and different side of Amaranthe!”

The track list for Breaking Point – B-sides 2011-2015 is:

Amaranthe b-side comp cover01. “Hunger” (Acoustic)
02. “Afterlife” (Acoustic)
03. “Amaranthine” (Acoustic)
04. “Burn With Me” (Acoustic)
05. “Trinity” (Acoustic )
06. “True” (Acoustic)
07. “Breaking Point”
08. “Splinter In My Soul”

Additionally, Amaranthe will release a new video for the song “True,” which features on 2014 album Massive Addictive and is acoustically rendered on the B-sides release.

“With the high-octane energy of singles/videos ‘Digital World’ and ‘Drop Dead Cynical,’ we wanted a slightly more mellow third single,” Olof explained. “The choice fell upon ‘True,’ which provides a great contrast with its hopeful yet melancholy lyrics and style. To match this with the perfect video, we once again turned to mastermind Patric Ullaeus, and the result is an inspiring and engaging take on how your dreams and visions don’t always turn out the way you planned. But instead, there might be something greater than you hoped for down the line, as long as your heart stays true.”

You can watch Amaranthe’s video for their Massive Addictive track “Digital World” below:

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