King 810 release video for new string quartet version of their track ‘Devil Don’t Cry’

King 810 video crop 2015

King 810 have released a video for a string quartet version of their track “Devil Don’t Cry,” continuing to defy what might be conventionally expected of them.

The original version of the song appears on the band’s debut album, Memoirs Of A Murderer, released last year via Roadrunner Records.

King 810 frontman David Gunn directed the video himself and recently told Metro Times: “When I set out to shoot the video, I knew an important part would be finding a real string quartet to play the music. Using actresses just wouldn’t be right, it needed to be authentic.

“I got connected with the Professor of Orchestra at Wayne State and with his help, locked in a talented quartet of his students. On top of that I had already worked with a handful of Detroit film crews in the past so it was a better play to go to them rather than bring everyone to me.

“We ended up shooting in a row of art houses in Hamtramck. Detroit and Flint are in the same boat really, so I’m glad we could keep it local.”

The new version of “Devil Don’t Cry” can be found on King 810’s limited edition, hand-numbered 10-inch vinyl EP That Place Where Pain Lives, out now in the USA and available in the UK from the 20th of November.

You can watch the video and hear the new version of the track below.

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