Tairrie B drops heavy magick in new video for ‘BTCHCRVFT’

Tairrie B - BTCHCRVFT cap

Tairrie B has released the self-directed official video for her solo rap track “BTCHCRVFT”, coinciding with last night’s frosty full moon.

The song features on Tairrie’s trailblazing old-school hip hop album Vintage Curses, a return to her rap roots that was released in August of this year.

Says Tairrie of her vision for the video: “BTCHCRVFT is one of my favorite tracks on the new album. It pays homage to the rage and beauty of Mother Nature while conjuring imagery of the storm deep within a person which is what I wanted to convey visually. I am very drawn to the power of the elements and much like my previous offering, it has a film noir Hollywood villain vibe. As I said before, I didn’t want to mimic what so many other women in hip hop seem to be doing at the moment. I’m not a fan of brightly colored imagery or over-the-top sexuality. I wanted the video for BTCHCRVFT to have a strong and empowering feminist stance, yet stylized with a distinct, dark visceral sensibility and DIY ethic which I am known for as an artist.”

“I filmed many of the scenes within the hidden beauty of Los Angeles,” she adds, “and worked once again with rock photographers Jill and Gary Bandfield from Tour Bus Live, a talented husband and wife team who are good friends and have continued to collaborate with me on ideas surrounding my new album.

“My husband/guitarist Mick Murphy (My Ruin, Teenage Time Killers, The Birds Of Satan) and I edited the video together. When I decided to take a break from screaming in My Ruin to revisit my roots, he encouraged me to be creative and not limit myself musically because he knows hip hop has always held a special place in my heart. It’s been great to work with him artistically outside of our metal band in both the music and video realms. Like myself, he is a fan of classic rap and understands the origins, so we have fun bringing my visions to life. He’s not only an incredible guitarist but also a rad drummer. He played the drums on the track while recording and makes another cameo appearance in the new video!”

You can download Vintage Curses for free now at tairrieb.bandcamp.com

Read our review of the killer Vintage Curses here, and check out our interview with hip hop’s original bad bitch herself here.

Connect with Tairrie B online at:
Facebook: facebook.com/tairrieb
Twitter: twitter.com/tairrieb
Instagram: instagram.com/tairriebmurphy
Web: houseofcapricorn.com

Tairrie B - BTCHCRFVT teaser poster

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