Ginger Wildheart to release new album ‘The Year Of The Fanclub’

Ginger Wildheart 2016 crop

Ginger Wildheart is set to release a new album next month.

The Year Of The Fanclub is due out on the 12th of February via Round Records and collects together a snapshot of tracks released by Ginger as part of his groundbreaking digital subscription fanclub, G.A.S.S. (Ginger Associated Secret Society.)

The tracklist for The Year Of The Fanclub was chosen personally by Ginger and includes “Honour”, his duet with Courtney Love.

Giving an unparalleled level of access to Ginger and his work, including podcasts, Q&A’s, personal diary entries, film reviews, artwork and exclusive merchandise, G.A.S.S. is still available for fans to subscribe to via

The full tracklist for The Year Of The Fanclub is:

01. “Down The Dip”
02. “Honour” (featuring Courtney Love)
03. “El Mundo (Slow Fatigue)”
04. “The Last Day Of Summer”
05. “Only Henry Rollins Can Save Us Now”
06. “The Pendine Incident”
07. “Do You?”
08. “If You Find Yourself In London Town”
09. “Toxins & Tea”
10. “No One Smiled At Me Today”
11. “Ostracide”
12. “Don’t Lose Your Tail, Girl”

You can watch the video for “Honour” below:

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