Mieke shares beguiling new video for ‘Move On’


Toronto based singer and songwriter Mieke has shared a beguiling and beautiful new video for her track “Move On.”

The track is lifted from Mieke’s debut self-titled EP, released last year.

Mieke says of the song: “‘Move On’ is about self-empowerment and the courage to move forward on your own terms.

“I wrote this song about the moment when you’re finally ready to move forward- to break free of a pattern that isn’t giving you strength. To let go of things you know aren’t meant for you. Because sometimes when we finally face our monsters, they’re less scary than we thought.

“When I was younger I always wanted people to tell me what was right for me (romantic partners, religious figures, anyone really except myself). It was a struggle to let go of that and make my intuitive self my compass instead. Benjamin Kamino & Cora Kozaris express that journey of longing and determination through their movements.”

She adds: “Even as we let go of what isn’t meant for us, we still feel the loss of the things that once defined us. I partly wrote this song for one of my dearest friends Caro – we’ve moved forward through life together. Been to funerals, gotten into trouble, fallen in love, made mistakes, and remained close through it all. So for me it’s also a testament to those friendships that give us the courage to Move On and let go.”

The full track list for the Mieke EP is:

Mieke EP cover01. “Magnolia”
02. “Move On”
03. “Sleeping Alone”
04. “Vulture”

Connect with Mieke at:
Facebook: facebook.com/miekemakesmusic
Twitter: twitter.com/elissamielke
Instagram: instagram.com/elissamielke
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/miekemusic

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