Former Touchstone vocalist Kim Seviour announces new record deal

Kim Seviour

Kim Seviour, former vocalist with Touchstone, has signed a new deal with White Star Records, the label run by John Mitchell and Chris Hillman.

Seviour left Touchstone last year after revealing that her battle with ME made it impossible for her to commit to the band in the way that it deserved.

Says Seviour of the new deal: “It was a really difficult decision to leave Touchstone and I had no idea what I was going to do next. I’ve known John for a number of years and when he and Chris asked me if I wanted to record an album for their new label with John producing, there was no way I was going to turn that down.

“We really wanted to have a good time with this album, so we’re taking time to write it in a fun and relaxed way. We already have a couple of tracks written.”

Seviour has worked with Frost and Lonely Robot man Mitchell before, and he’s set to co-write and produce her new album at his Outhouse Recording Studio.

Adds Mitchell: “I think Kim has a great voice. She also has some really creative ideas about how the music should sound and we are already coming up with some really good material.”

Seviour will release a new track, “Fantasise To Realise,” next month. Mitchell and Hillman had already been working on the song and it will be launched as a single in March, but won’t feature on Seviour’s new album.

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