Knifeworld share video for new track ‘High/Aflame’

Knifeworld 2016 promo

Knifeworld have shared a video for their new track, “High/Aflame.”

The song is the lead track on the band’s new album, Bottled Out Of Eden, due for release on the 22nd of April via InsideOut Music.

Says Knifeworld frontman Kavus Torabi: “This ‘High/Aflame’ is an edited version of the six and a half minute opener from Bottled Out Of Eden. We wanted to start the album with something joyful and this is the song that birthed itself as a result.

“Once again we worked with our long-time collaborator, Ashley Jones, and Innerstrings projections to create a video that was as colourful, giddy and ecstatic as the tune itself, something that looks how Knifeworld sound. I think I’m happier with how this turned out than any video we’ve done previously.”

Knifeworld will be playing a special album launch show at London’s Bush Hall on the 12th of May. Tickets are on sale now via SeeTickets.

The tracklist and cover art for Bottled Out Of Eden are below:

Print01. “High/Aflame”
02. “The Germ Inside”
03. “I am Lost”
04. “The Deathless”
05. “Foul Temple”
06. “Vision Of The Bent Path”
07. “I Must Set Fire To Your Portrait”
08. “Lowered Into Necromancy”
09. “A Dream About A Dream”
10. “Secret Words”
11. “Feel The Sorcery”

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