Baroness speak out following alleged sexual assault of fan at Birmingham UK show

Baroness Dec 2015

Baroness have spoken out in a lengthy statement following the alleged sexual assault of a fan at their recent show in Birmingham in the UK.

Blogger Rosie Solomon, writing of her experience via the Redbrick website, says she was subjected to a sustained assault at the Birmingham O2 Institute whilst attending Baroness’ gig there on the 29th of February.

Solomon details how she was left feeling “shaken, angry, upset, confused” after a man deliberately and repeatedly thrust his groin into her leg and made a suggestive comment. She reported the incident to venue staff and then the police.

Baroness say in their statement: “The man detailed in this article, whoever you are, if you read this post, stay the fuck away from Baroness and our audience. We don’t need you at our show, we don’t want you in our audience.

“We have no tolerance for sexism, or any form of intolerant or insensitive behaviour. In Baroness’ real, functioning touring-world, we are witness to daily proof-by-example that gender exerts no weight on the scales of capability, strength or intelligence.

“Additionally, we are extremely sensitive to the gender-disparity that can exist, especially within the world of rock and metal music and we are embarrassed and disturbed that Rosie, or anyone, for that matter, could have had such a terrible experience at one of our shows.”

You can read Boroness’ full statement via the band’s official Facebook page.

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