Osaka Punch share tongue-in-cheek video for new single ‘Stonk’

Osaka Punch promo 2016

Brisbane’s Osaka Punch have shared a tongue-in-cheek clip for their brand new single, “Stonk.”

The video features the band air-guitaring, air-bassing, air drumming and um, air-cucumbering across Brisbane’s CBD & malls (Queen St Mall and an overpass over Adelaide St), parks (ANZAC Square) and supermarkets. The looks they are given are gold.

The clip utilises both the band’s hilarious flair for comedy, but also their amazing musicianship – though they are air-playing their instruments in the clip, they are playing exactly the notes and beats of the song. Keep an eye out for dildos, scared-as-hell pigeons and some seriously weirded out pedestrians.

Check out the video for “Stonk” below:

“Stonk” is available to buy now via

Osaka Punch Stonk single cover

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