Russian progressive duo iamthemorning share lyric video for ‘Chalk And Coal’ ahead of new album


Russian progressive duo iamthemorning have released a new lyric video for the song “Chalk And Coal”, taken from their forthcoming Kscope album Lighthouse, due to be released on the 1st of April (3rd of June in France.)

Vocalist Marjana Semkina comments on the song: “‘Chalk And Coal’ is in a way a final milestone on the album. It is the darkest one and in a way it is very representative for Lighthouse in general, since it is a very cross-genre piece of music that eventually turns into something rather eclectic.

“Some dark jazz influence in used diminished chords and trumpet solo, glitched drums, all of that is rather new for us. Mood-wise it was inspired by David Bowie’s ‘Sue (Or In a Season of Crime)’. Lyrically it represents the final twist of the album story-line, the final breakdown.”

Formed in 2010 in St Petersburg, iamthemorning features pianist Gleb Kolyadin and the charismatic vocals of Marjana Semkina. The band self released their debut album in 2012 before signing to Kscope and releasing Belighted, their first record for the label in September 2014. They toured Europe with label-mates Gazpacho last year.

As with Belighted, the engineering and mixing on Lighthouse is handled by Marcel van Limbeek (Tori Amos) and self produced by Gleb and Marjana. The album also features guest musicians Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree, King Crimson) on drums, Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree) on bass and additional vocals on the album’s title track by Mariusz Duda (Lunatic Soul, Riverside).

You can watch the video for “Chalk And Coal” via the stream below. Lighthouse is released on the 1st of April in the UK and the 3rd of June in France via Kscope records.

The tracklist for Lighthouse is:

lighthouse_cover01. “I Came Before the Water (pt. I)”
02. “Too Many Years”
03. “Clear Clearer”
04. “Sleeping Pills”
05. “Libretto Horror”
06. “Lighthouse” (feat. Mariusz Duda)
07. “Harmony”
08. “Matches”
09. “Belighted”
10. “Chalk And Coal”
11. “I Came Before the Water (pt. II)”
12. “Post Scriptum”

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