Tech-metal outfit Aliases release lyric video for ‘Smile All You Like’ ahead of new album ‘Derangeable’

Aliases promo 2016

Visionary UK tech-metal outfit Aliases have released a lyric video for their track “Smile All You Like.”

The song is lifted from the band’s spectacular new album, Derangeable, scheduled for release on the 15th of April via Basick Records.

To coincide with the release of the video, pre-orders for Derangeable are now live via the Basick Records website.

Says Aliases guitarist Leah Woodward of the new album: “We’d like to give a huge shout out to our incredible and patient fans, a thank you to everyone who has pledged to make ‘Derangeable’ more than just a dream. It’s never easy to explain how you feel about finally unleashing a new album upon the world. Having worked with the best people imaginable to create something we’re so proud to showcase, there aren’t many words capable of doing it justice. To anyone about to listen to these new tracks, I hope you brought spare pants. Aliases will not be held responsible for any adverse consequences pre or post listening. We can only hope you love these new tracks as much as we do. If you do then we’re your new favourite band. We love you too!”

Check out Aliases’ shit-hot new track “Smile All You Like” via the stream below!

The tracklist for Derangeable is as follows:

Aliases - Derangeable cover01. “Find Where You Hide”
02. “Everything Is Upon Us”
03. “Back To The Start”
04. “Smile All You Like”
05. “Deep Sea Avenue”
06. “Uncontrollable Desires”
07. “Callous”
08. “Face For Lust”
09. “Seen It All”
10. “Untangled Mind”
11. “Above The Sky”

Connect with Aliases via:

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