Tairrie B drops new solo rap track ‘BTCHCRVFT (Mediatrix Remix)’

Photo: Jodi Cunningham

Trailblazing hip hop artist Tairrie B has unveiled a new remix of her 2015 solo rap track “BTCHCRVFT.”

“BTCHCRVFT (Mediatrix Remix)” is a skillful retooling of the original cut, created by producer Nina Mediatrix, who has collaborated with Tairrie on two other occasions.

Says Tairrie B of the new remix: “As the full moon begins to dive into the earth’s shadow, I am excited to introduce another darkly hypnotic remix to coincide with the events of the night’s sky and the lunar eclipse. Manifested courtesy of the extraordinary London based producer Nina Mediatrix whose talents continue to inspire me with each new offering, ‘BTCHCRVFT’ marks our third collaboration since the release of ‘Vintage Curses’ in August 2015.

“On her latest remix Nina artfully conjures her unorthodox atmosphere once again as she invokes classic old school sensibilities with a dichotomy of samples, giving nods to both my early roots in hip hop and my more recent years in heavy metal with My Ruin, back to my days in Tura Satana. She skilfully transforms two of the verses into a more frantic vocal delivery that compliment her eclectic arrangement of distorted baselines, drums, off key pads and synths which lead to a new throwback section at the end, rendering it into another unique blend of musical magick reflected in the origins of the original track.”

You can check out the new collaboration and download the track via the stream below:

Says producer Nina Mediatrix: “It was around the time when the awesome video dropped that Tairrie B reminded me that ‘BTCHCRVFT’ was the track I had mentioned when I first approached her about remixing! Since then I have been fortunate enough to produce two remixes for her (‘Wicked Witch of the West Coast’ and ‘Sky Above, City Below’) but, upon seeing the ‘BTCHCRVFT’ video, was glad to have waited as I was able to draw a lot of inspiration from the visuals.

“I was struck by the combination of mystical, moody imagery combined with Tairrie’s fierce delivery and performance and wanted the remix to capture this energy. ‘BTCHCRVFT’ is a personal favourite of mine from ‘Vintage Curses’ and so I wanted the Mediatrix Remix to maintain the structure of the original track. It’s definitely got a darker feel than my previous work and I wanted to challenge myself to do something different and contrasting to complete this first trilogy of remixes with Tairrie.”

You can download “BTCHCRVFT (Mediatrix Remix)” for FREE here, and grab your copy of “Vintage Curses” for FREE here.

Connect with Tairrie B at:
Web: houseofcapricorn.com
Facebook: facebook.com/tairrieb
Twitter: twitter.com/tairrieb
Instagram: instagram.com/tairriebmurphy

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