Thunder confirm ‘warts and all’ biography due this autumn

Thunder promo 2016

Legendary UK rockers Thunder are to release a ‘warts and all’ biography this coming autumn.

The tome is being written by esteemed rock scribe Joel McIver and will be published by Omnibus Press. Amongst other acts, McIver is known for his books on Metallica, Slayer, Black Sabbath and Queens Of The Stone Age.

Say Thunder in a statement revealing the news: “Yes peeps, the lovely people at Omnibus Press have commissioned us to tell our story. ‘Fools,’ we hear you cry.

“It’s being put together by a nice man called Joel McIver, who has been interviewing us and bashing his fingers repeatedly on the Olivetti since last summer.

“It won’t be out until the autumn, because we’ve got to take some of the rude bits out (quite a lot), so we don’t get sued or killed, but we thought we’d let you know it’s coming

“We’ll sell it in our online store, and hopefully other book sellers will want to sell it in theirs. More news on this as and when we get some, but it will be definitive, honest, warts and all, and well worth a read. It will also have loads of pictures in it too.”

Thunder frontman Danny Bowes recently hinted that the band are set to release new material in 2017. Their most recent album was 2015’s critically acclaimed Wonder Days.

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