Iamthemorning stream new album ‘Lighthouse’ in full


Russian duo iamthemorning are streaming their new album, Lighthouse, in full.

The record is set for release tomorrow, the 1st of April, via Kscope.

Gleb Kolyadin and vocalist Marjana Semkina say of the album: “Lighthouse is a rich and eclectic album, with echoes of classical music, the Canterbury scene, northern folk, jazz and electronic sounds.

“Featuring a story of the progression of mental illness, the album takes the listener through the stages with the story’s central character, her attempts to fight it, temporal remission leading to a final breakdown.

“Lyrically, the works and lives of Virginia Woolf and Sylvia Plath inspire the album.”

You can listen to the full album now over at Prog magazine’s website.

Iamthemorning recently released a video for album track “Chalk And Coal.”

The tracklist for Lighthouse is:

lighthouse_cover01. “I Came Before the Water (pt. I)”
02. “Too Many Years”
03. “Clear Clearer”
04. “Sleeping Pills”
05. “Libretto Horror”
06. “Lighthouse” (feat. Mariusz Duda)
07. “Harmony”
08. “Matches”
09. “Belighted”
10. “Chalk And Coal”
11. “I Came Before the Water (pt. II)”
12. “Post Scriptum”

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