RATM’s Tim Commerford shares first material from new band Wakrat

Wakrat 2016

Rage Against The Machine bassist Tim Commerford has shared details of his new band, Wakrat.

Joining singer and bass player Commerford in the new outfit are drummer Mathias Wakrat and guitarist Laurent Grangeon. The trio have also released a video for their first track, “Knucklehead”, which you can watch below.

Says Commerford of the new venture: “I am as excited about Wakrat and what we’re doing musically as I was when Rage Against The Machine first started.

“Wakrat is brand new, we’re not a known commodity, so we’re looking forward to finishing the album, paying our dues and earning our fans, and getting out there and playing shows as often as possible.”

The video for “Knucklehead” was filmed using drones and cameras in Wakrat’s LA rehearsal studio. Commerford reveals that the song was influenced by some personal struggles that he went through.

“I don’t ever want to go back there again, but it lead to ‘Knucklehead’, so it all worked out,” he says.

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